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Welcome to 'In Terre d'Italia', a truly new experience in upscale travel in Italy. This wonderfully diverse country with breathtaking scenery and culture, timeless cities immersed in history, exquisite gastronomic fragances and flavours, offers something for everyone. We are passionate and dedicated to the country we live in and those who desire to 'taste' it's beauty, mystery, history and flavors.
'In Terre d'Italia' provides a fresh and unique way of travel; away from the crowds and off the beaten track, while offering enchanting properties for everyones pleasures. From historical castles, romantic retreats, impressive luxury Villas with pools, quality hotels, city apartments and characteristically charming farmhouses, 'In Terre d'Italia' has something that's perfect for you.
From Vinci the town that gave its name to Leonardo da Vinci, We will help you discover the hidden treasures of the regions and the most famous cities, as well as introduce you to equally enchanting hilltop towns and medeival villages; less well-known destinations that hold as much, if not more, charm, warmth and interest.
We are a detail oriented company dedicated to service. Satisfying our guests needs is our main priority, and we usually succeed in exceeding their expectations. 'In Terre d'Italia' is also dedicated in conserving the enviroment and natural heritage. Simply by choosing and booking any of our properties, you will take part actively in the preservation of the artistic patrimony of Italy. In fact 'In Terre d'Italia' undertakes to allocate a percentage to the 'Le Terre di Leonardo' fund.
What ever your choice 'Buon Viaggio' in this most fascinating and passionate Country.

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